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Unreasonable Doubt 

Yaara Zach

Solo Show at the Petach Tikva Museum, Israel

Curator: Hadas Maor


The installation includes a series of unique assemblages that combine crutches, leather whips, and amorphous sacks filled with an unidentified fluid in various colors. Each of these assemblages constitutes a hybrid combination of worlds, sensations, and emotions, while the space as a whole seems to vacillate between extreme sterility and a permeable physicality. Full Text

Yaara Zach
Yaara Zach
Yaara Zach
7_Yaara Zach_Untitled_sculpture.jpg
Yaara Zach
Yaara Zach Unreasonable Doubt
4_Yaara Zach_Untitled_sculpture.jpg
Untitled, 2018
1s_zach yaara_Untitled_sculpture.jpg
Yaara Zach, Untitled, 2018
1_Yaara Zach_ Untitled_.jpg

"Unreasonable Doubt" was produced with support of Artis, Outset, Asylum Arts, Artport foundation,  and the Petach Tikva Museum of Art.

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