Yaara Zach

19.6 - 1.8.20

Givon Art Gallery Tel Aviv

Zach’s new solo show “BLACK FRIDAY” opened at Givon Art Gallery just when Corona virus crisis broke into our lives. The sculptures for the installation, created between 2016 and 2020, all relate to the disintegration of the body, and to issues of sterility and infection.

Supported by Artport Tel Aviv and MeetFactory (Prague).

A Prototype for Survival

Exhibition Text by Naomi Lev


Yaara Zach uses industrial materials to create an imaginary natural world. Is it imaginary though? Her current works are based on nature and natural evolution, and are inspired by animals’ means of survival as well as our own survival instincts. The works in this show were made prior to the pandemic that has conquered our globe, yet they represent elements from the past as well as from the present. They bring forth moments of birth, death, and rebirth while creating a groundbreaking experience that proposes a mirror to a multilayered existential reality.

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Bodily memory is a long-term memory

Una Meistere


An interview with Israeli artist Yaara Zach

Zach’s exhibition Black Friday, which has a rather extraordinary and significant history of creation, is currently on display at the Givon Art Gallery (through August 1) in Tel Aviv. The opening of the exhibition was planned to take place in the days when, suddenly, the COVID-19 crisis had intervened quite radically and unexpectedly. As the pandemic emerged, Zach’s works, which were produced between 2016 and 2020, gained a whole new sense of agency and the feeling of having an almost telepathic context. read more

Yaara Zach, is a contemporary visual artist based in Tel Aviv, Israel.  She creates sculptures and sculpture based installations . Read More

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